qrcode BSRemote is a BSplayer remote control application for Android smartphones. It allows you to
Additionaly, it features
There are two components to BSRemote: the Android application package (.apk) and the host server application. You can download both of them here or use the Android Market for the smartphone component.

Download (version 1.2.9)

Windows XP/Vista/7 host application: download
Android 2.1: download (or use Android Market directly)

You might also need: vcredist2010
For unicode support, BSRemote requires the latest version of BSPlayer.


If you encounter any issues, please be patient and signal them in the feedback form at the bottom of this page or directly from the Android app. Time permitting, we will read them all and try to solve the problems.

We hope you will find this software useful.
Ioan Ovidiu Hupca and Gašper Černevšek



You can use the help page to see how to use the main functions.
Also, feel free to use to forum for any kind of issue you have with BSRemote.



For any comments or suggestions, please go to our new forum, use the feedback form below or send a message to .

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