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Installing BSRemote app on the Android smartphone

There are three ways of installing the application on the smartphone:
  1. From Android Market
  2. Using an installer application
    • Install 'Apps Installer' from Android Market
    • Download the .apk file on the phone (or copy the .apk file to the phone from the computer)
    • Open 'Apps Installer'
    • Select and install the .apk file
  3. Using the Android SDK - more details here

Using the BSRemote Android app

After installing the app, the first thing you need to do is set the hostname/ip address (the port number used is 2222) of the BSRemote server running on the BSPlayer Windows host. From version 1.2.1 there is an autodetect feature that fills those values automatically. However, it only works on local/private networks. Check the next section for information on how to get the IP and port number

You can now control BSPlayer! Feel free to open a file (Menu->Browse), adjust the volume or change movie position. You may also change the play status (play/pause/stop), rewind or skip ahead (a short or long time slice). You can load subtitles for the movie or set the computer to shutdown automatically after the movie ends.

BSRemote has THREE (3) screens! The first screen controls volume and play/pause status, the second allows control over the current movie position and the third is used for playlist control. To switch from one screen to another, you need to slide your finger left or right. You can also use the trackball, if your phone is equipped with one.

Using the BSplayer server

Simply download and run the BSRemote server installer on the Windows computer. You will see an icon in the system tray (near the clock).

BSRemote needs to know the location of the BSplayer executable to be able to start it up when you wish to open a file. To do this, right click on the tray icon, select 'Settings' from the menu, then browse to the BSplayer executable (bsplayer.exe). You can usually find it in a path similar to 'Program Files\Webteh\BSPlayer\bsplayer.exe'.

Autostart is enabled in the same 'Settings' menu.

The IP address(es) for the server are displayed as tooltip (hover your mouse pointer over the tray icon). The first four numbers with the separating dots ( represent the IP adress. The number after the colon (:) is the port number (2222).

Important: remember to allow the BSRemote Server through the firewall!


Q: BSRemote shows 'Disconnected'
A: There is no valid path between BSRemote app and the Windows server. You need to make sure that you've entered the IP address correctly and that the server is allowed to communicate through the firewall.

Q: Your computer has a dynamic IP and is not on a LAN
A: You need to register for a service similar to You will be provided with an URL pointing to your computer, like Insert this URL in the BSRemote settings.

Q: App crashed while browsing. App version 1.2.0
A: Update the server to the latest version.

Q: Server crashed while browsing. App version 1.0.0 - 1.1.x
A: Update the server to the latest version.

Q: When selecting a file, BSPlayer doesn't automatically start
A: The BSPlayer path isn't set in the server settings. Right click on the BSRemote server icon, select 'Settings'. Click the '...' button and choose the bsplayer executable (bsplayer.exe).

Q: BSPlayer stops playback when hitting Mute, Aspect Ratio or Pan in the remote
A: It's a BSPlayer bug, not a BSRemote one. Using an older version will get that functionality working (ex: 2.52.1030). To get this bug solved in a future BSPlayer version, please take your time and post on this thread in the player forum.

Q: BSPlayer doesn't respond to commands or behaves strangely (executing other commands, stopping, exiting etc. )
A: It's a BSPlayer bug, not a BSRemote one. We found that the only solution is reinstalling bsplayer.

Q: BSRemote Server shows the error message 'Unable to read key from registry'. Server version 1.0.0 - 1.2.1
A: This is a BSRemote Server bug, we are aware of it and working to fix it in the next release. To get around it, right click on the BSRemote tray icon, select settings, set a path to bsplayer and click ok. Also, you could try the 32 bit package if you encounter this error in the 64 bit version of the server.

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